Jamie Carter

An Artist for All Seasons

Jamie Carter is a prolific artist who has licensed her art broadly - and developed a considerable following - over the past thirty years. You've probably seen her artwork as prints and on licensed products. Now she has lots of new art available to you for licensing, exclusively through Porterfield's.

The artist was born in northeast Texas, and has never left the area. The history and beauty of the countryside continues to inspire her daily. Her studio is a historic 140-year-old one-room cabin that was originally a parsonage.

Jamie's formative years were with country women who taught her to sew, quilt, and use whatever you had on hand to be creative. Designing high school yearbook covers led to college year that were spent in commercial art training, but that career took a back seat once Jamie discovered the joy of painting.

Drawing on the beauty of her surroundings, Jamie believes that the quiet world of nature and the challenge of trying to capture it on canvas or paper is a goal that is as ongoing as the seasons themselves. Her early career led her to national exposure in the field of wildlife art. As her art began to be published and distributed nationally as prints, she discovered an audience through licensing, and over the years has worked with publishers, greeting card companies and other design companies for a wide range of products.

Now she is an established artist with a broad national following and a diverse talent that makes her as likely to paint snowmen as it is to create a quiet country lane on canvas. Truly, she is an artist for all seasons.

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