Peggy Davis

My Secret Garden

Painting and creating art have been an important part of Peggy Davis’ life since very early in her childhood. The artist was born and raised just outside of Chicago, and it was not uncommon to find Peggy involved in painting or sketching all throughout her childhood. Her creative interests continued to grow through her teen years, and she took art classes in all four years of high school.

She went on to marry, became the mother of six children, three of whom she and her husband adopted, and focused her attention on raising her children. It was at this time that she began painting children's murals for baby nurseries, preschools and Sunday schools. She also designed theatrical sets and created faux finishing for area homes as time and busy motherhood allowed.

Once her children were grown, she began to devote the bulk of her time and creative energies to her painting. Peggy considers herself self-taught as she has never taken any professional art classes. She loves every artistic medium and often dabbles in several, although her preference is to use the wet acrylic painting technique in which she paints quickly in layers of wet color. As a result, her paintings often look like stained glass infused with movement and great depth. Using bright colors with a whimsical touch, Davis often depicts trees and beautiful flowers and rich gardens in her work.

The artist has won numerous awards for her work and has involved herself in several juried events. She is recognized in her community as "The Happy Painter" as people often remark how happy her paintings make them feel. Peggy Davis now lives on a small farm in Northwest Indiana along with her husband and a few chickens.

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