Maureen McCarthy

Country Blessing

Well-known New Hampshire watercolorist Maureen McCarthy has gained an enviable international reputation for her lovely wildlife and decorative Americana images.

The artist has painted since she was a child. She studied art at Northeastern University and supplemented her art education with private lessons and watercolor workshops. After completing her education she moved to rural New Hampshire, an area of lovely lakes and mountains teeming with waterfowl and wildlife, where she established her own art studio in order to devote as much of her time as possible to creating lovely works of art representing the simple, natural world around her.

“I have been watching and listening to loons on the lakes since childhood,” the artist states. “They continue to hold a special place in my memories and have inspired me to create landscapes and lakescapes, wildflower images and paintings of birds, wildlife, historical buildings and mountain vistas which show the precious beauty of the natural world.”

Over the years the artist has worked with numerous publishing companies and design studios to create art for note cards, greeting cards, coordinated paper products, ceramics and decorative giftware. She has licensed her charming and often nostalgic images broadly onto a wide variety of home décor and accessory products, giftware, home and kitchen fabrics, paper products and both internal and exterior décor.

The artist’s studio in New Hampshire is only open to the public once a year, and collectors and enthusiasts have found this to be a very special occasion when they are able to meet the artist and view her most recent works. The artwork of Maureen McCarthy may be found in private collections in the United States from Massachusetts to Alaska, and internationally in Japan, Germany, France and other countries.

Porterfield’s is delighted to be able to represent the works of this remarkable artist on an exclusive basis internationally.

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